Are Supplements Good For Gut Health?

Are Supplements Good For Gut Health?

Gut health is related to the 'Gut Microbiome', a microorganism in the intestine. The human digestive tract has over 200 species, a combination of good and harmful viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Some are harmful to health, and many are incredibly beneficial and thus necessary for the human body. 


Research suggests that the larger the variety of bacteria in the gut, the better the gut health is. That means good gut health reduces the risk of several chronic diseases such as Type 1 diabetes, thyroid, digestive issues, rheumatoid arthritis, etc., due to the lack of vitamins and minerals. 

Fiber-loaded foods, physical activities and mitigation of smoking & alcohol is the best way to heal your gut. Now the thing is, is this possible to alter your diet and stick to a healthy one in this fast-paced life? Probably not!

The sole solution is supplements for gut health. Supplements are always the best way to get a daily dose of healthy bacteria, no matter where and how busy you are. You can even choose your products according to your needs. Whether you are looking for an energy booster, promote weight loss, boost your immunity, here are the supplements that can help you.    

Before knowing which supplements you can take to boost your gut health, learn the signs of poor gut health. 

Signs Of Poor Gut Health

If you are experiencing the following signs, that means you need supplements for gut health. 

  • If you have health problems such as diabetes and high cholesterol, 
  • If you are suffering from digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhoea, heartburn, etc.,
  • If you have unexplained itching or rashes,
  • If you have an uncontrolled craving for food. 

Before heading towards the supplements for gut health, learn what causes it. The following section explains the reasons that cause poor gut health.    

What causes poor gut health?

Many factors, including unhealthy diet and lifestyle, cause poor gut health. Below mentioned are the reasons that harm your gut health. 

1. Not having a proper diet

Lack of vitamins and minerals can cause poor gut health. A rich diet loaded with nutrients is required to maintain gut health. Food items such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains act as supplements for good health. 

2. Lack of prebiotics

Prebiotics are a type of fibre that promote good digestive health. Lack of prebiotics may cause digestive issues such as constipation, etc. Oats, bananas, garlic, leeks, and lentils are some fibre-loaded food items that increase prebiotics in the body. 

3. Excessive consumption of alcohol

Alcohol consumption can cause serious health issues, including damaging your gut health. However, moderate consumption of red wine, that is one glass a week or fortnight, may have a protective effect on gut health. 

4. Lack of physical activities

A lower fitness level is associated with poor gut health. Being physically active has several benefits, including altering the gut bacteria and improving gut health. 

5. Smoking

Not only does smoking cause harm to the lungs and heart, but it also affects gut health. Non-smokers are more likely to have increased gut flora diversity, which results in a healthy gut. 

6. Not getting enough sleep

It is said that ━ healthy sleep is equal to good gut health. Studies show that lack of sleep can disturb your daily circadian-like rhythm. 

7. Overstress

High-stress levels are harmful to your body. It can reduce the blood flow and alter the gut bacteria that leads to poor gut health. 


What are the supplements for gut health?

While there are several ways to improve gut health, supplements are the easiest and most effective. Along with foods, exercise, stress management and following a healthy lifestyle, below mentioned multivitamins aid the different gut problems. These supplements for gut health are cruelty-free and have no side effects. 

1. Active Multivitamin Tablets For Men 

Specially formulated, Active Multivitamin Tablets for men are rich in vitamin C, B6 and plant-based extracts that support gut health and digestive system. Being rich in various vitamins, minerals and botanicals, these multivitamins also boost immunity, energy, metabolism, and bone, eye, and heart health. If you are vegan, these multivitamin tablets are 100% dairy-free. Therefore, they are completely safe for all.  

2. Active Multivitamin Tablets For Women 

Active Multivitamin Tablets For Women are considered among the best supplements for gut health as they contain plant-based extracts. Packed with 21 different vitamins & minerals and 13 botanicals, Active Multivitamins are best for your overall health. They enhance mood, improve dull skin, boost low metabolism and immunity, and aid acute & chronic constipation. These tablets are a must for women seeking a healthy lifestyle.

3. Gold Multivitamin For Men Over 50   

Gut health can be a problem over 50, and Gold Multivitamins are the right solution to heal this health problem. These multivitamins are loaded with different vitamins and minerals, making them the best supplements for gut health. They are highly organic, containing over 36 ingredients such as tomato & spinach powder, probiotics, zeaxanthin, blueberry, apple, and green tea extracts, which means they are safe for vegetarians. 

4. Gold Multivitamin For Women Over 50

Highly organic, best quality, and with no side effects, these tablets are the best supplements for gut health. These multivitamin tablets are 100% safe because they contain clinically researched ingredients. Also, they are suitable for vegan people. A blend of 22 vitamins & minerals and 13 botanicals, Gold Multivitamin not only promotes gut health but also boosts immunity, energy, bone health, improves eyesight and other health problems. 

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