Can A Pregnant Woman Take Multivitamin Tablets?

Can A Pregnant Woman Take Multivitamin Tablets?

Pregnancy is the most critical time in a woman's life. A pregnant woman needs a healthy diet to get the most vitamins and minerals to promote little ones' growth and development. However, most of the time, a pregnant woman fails to get enough nutrients, including iron, calcium, vitamin D, and proteins, through vegetables, fruits, and other foods for many reasons. 

Multivitamin tablets for pregnancy can meet the increased need for nutrients in the mother’s body. Essential vitamins and minerals not only maintain the mother's health but also reduce the risk of problems in a baby's development during pregnancy. Therefore a woman needs a nutritious diet. Read on to learn how multivitamin tablets for pregnancy help a woman's and baby's health. 

Why should a woman take multivitamin tablets for pregnancy? 

During pregnancy, the basic diet remains the same ━ plenty of water, green leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc. However, multivitamin tablets for pregnancy help a woman with extra benefits, such as━ 

Prevent underdeveloped brain in babies and other birth problems

Adequate vitamins and minerals help prevent serious problems such as an underdeveloped brain. Folate and folic acid supplements also reduce the risk of premature birth and being underweight at the time of birth.  

Strengthen the bones of a baby 

Babies get most of their vitamins and minerals from their mothers. Multivitamin tablets for pregnancy provide calcium that is required to strengthen bones and teeth. Calcium also supports the nervous and muscular systems.

Promote baby's growth

Protein is crucial for overall baby growth. A sufficient amount of protein promotes basic functions like bone and muscle growth. Lean meat, eggs, and seafood are excellent sources of protein. Women can also take multivitamin tablets for pregnancy to maintain adequate protein percentage in the body.  

Prevent iron deficiency anaemia in baby

A woman needs increased iron intake to provide oxygen to babies. Not getting enough iron during pregnancy increases the risk of iron deficiency anemia in babies. Along with this, it also increases the chances of premature birth, having a low birth weight, and postpartum depression in mothers. 

Key nutrients a pregnant woman needs

Pregnant woman needs to be more careful about their health. A woman can consider multivitamin tablets for pregnancy to keep the following essential nutrients in check, 


Calcium is essential for strengthening the bones and teeth of the baby. It also promotes mothers' bones which might get affected during pregnancy. A pregnant woman requires 900 mg of Calcium per day. Failing to consume can reduce the risk of preeclampsia. 


Iron helps red blood cells to deliver oxygen to the baby through the mother. A woman requires 27 mg of iron a day during pregnancy to reduce the risk of iron deficiency and less oxygen supply to the baby. Multivitamin tablets for pregnancy increase the intake of iron in pregnant mothers.  

Vitamin A 

A woman needs Vitamin A for healthy skin and eyesight. During pregnancy, a woman should take 770 mg of Vitamin A per day to improve the overall health of the baby and herself and reduce the risk of night blindness, miscarriage and pregnancy complications. 

Vitamin C

An adequate amount of Vitamin C in a pregnant woman's body can help promote a baby's healthy gum, teeth, and bones. Additionally, it helps the body to absorb iron. A woman needs 85 mg of Vitamin C daily, and the best source is multivitamin tablets for pregnancy. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D primarily helps the body in absorbing Calcium. A woman needs 600 international units (IUs) daily for a healthy pregnancy. It will increase the risk of health problems such as impaired growth, skeletal problems, type 1 diabetes, asthma and schizophrenia. 

Vitamin B6

The reason why vitamin B6 is essential for the body is it helps in forming red blood cells. If you seek a healthy pregnancy, you should take 1.9 mg of Vitamin B6 daily. Though pork, whole grains, cereals, and bananas are the best sources, multivitamin tablets for pregnancy are the easiest way to intake vitamin B6. 

Vitamin B12

Like other vitamins and minerals, vitamin B12 is equally essential for a pregnant lady. It primarily helps in maintaining the nervous system of the unborn baby. During pregnancy, a woman needs 2.6 micrograms daily to promote the growth and development of the baby.   

You can miss some key nutrients even if you eat a healthy diet. Taking multivitamin tablets for pregnancy is ideal for balancing the intake of these vitamins and minerals. 

Best Multivitamin tablets for pregnancy

The following multivitamin tablets for pregnancy are loaded with significant vitamins and minerals required to promote the baby's growth. Let's see how they support the mother and baby's health during pregnancy. 

Active Multivitamin Tablets For Women

Active Multivitamin Tablets For Women are the powerhouse of vitamins such as vitamins B6, C, D, K, and minerals, including calcium. The combination of these nutrients boosts the metabolism and energy in the body. They are made of highly organic ingredients, which means they are safe for pregnant women. Adding these multivitamin tablets for pregnancy to the routine assures overall good health. 

Supplements For Women 

High in vitamins and minerals, these multivitamin tablets are loaded with all the goodness of nature. Vitamin B6, B, E, C, D, and calcium are essential components in these multivitamins tablets for pregnancy. They help in promoting the baby's bone health and hair & skin in mothers. Loaded with a blend of green coffee and tea extracts, these tablets are 100% natural and safe to consume. 

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